ARISGEN-GET640 is a generator set providing for a Continuous Service with three phase continuous power: 640 kW (800 kVA) at 400 V – 50 Hz.
The generator is integrated in a 20 ft shelter made of high yield stress steel with a skid base. It is prearranged for lifting with fork lift system. Its sound proof case guarantees a maximum residual sound pressure of 72 dB(A) measured at 7 meters.
It is heli-liftable through the barycentric hook of the helicopter and can be airborne by C130 in compliance with the pertaining laws in force. It is compatible with all military transportation systems.
Main features:

  • turbo-diesel engine at 1500 rpm,
  • engine revolution electronic automatic governor
  • water cooling
  • 12 consecutive hours range
  • 1800 l integrated tank
  • fuel control device for fire-fighting safety
  • fuel transfer kit
  • three phase synchronous alternator with AREP and AVR
  • condensate proof heater for alternator winding
  • digital control electric panel
  • power and bar output panel
  • case with internal lightning and side doors allowing inspections/maintenance
  • operations and access to the generator electric panel
  • weight: 9 t

Optional on demand:

  • telescopic mast for outside lightning
  • integrated fire-fighting system
  • lifting ropes
  • subsystem for power distribution to ISO 10 ft module with additional tank and transfer pump
  • extended warranty
  • logistic technical support.