ASTM Ammunition Storage Module

The ASTM container (Ammunition STorage Module) complies with ISO 668 Standard 1C dimensions and with international standards for explosive transport and storage.
It has been designed and developed to meet the following requirements:
to safely preserve the explosive devices stored below critical temperatures, by exploiting passive conditioning (no need to use power generator and air conditioning systems) to withstand deflagration of the material stored through safeguarding people and goods outside; it can be placed in equipped compound with reduced minimum safety distances to comply with armouring protection rules – STANAG 4569 required level (standard version is Level 1 compliant)
Conditions of use: external temperature from -32°C to +49°C.
Technical characteristics:

  • loading capacity 11100 kg (depending on armouring protection level)
  • volume 18,5 m3
  • floor surface 8,8 m².


  • air conditioning with 400 V, three-phases, 12 kVA power generator set
  • external lighting system
  • break-in alarm
  • supplementary ventilation system
  • additional external airconditioning system
  • additional armouring protection.download5