S3LB39 low bed

S3LB39 series of modern design Lowbed semitrailers with advanced technology solutions that allow a reduction of operation costs while keeping high safety conditions under heavy duty.
The semitrailer model SRC368, is a lowbed semitrailer with rear double angle bevel, made of high-strength steel, fitted with three axles, pneumatic suspension with shock absorber and a self-steering third axle, hydraulic ramps and retractable rings for anchorage of vehicles .
Technical characteristics (base version):

  • payload 28000 kg
  • GVW 39000 kg
  • total length 13500 mm
  • width 2530 mm
  • loading platform height 900 mm
  • lowbed length 10000 mm
  • ramp length 2300 mm
  • ramp width 650 mm
  • climb angle 16°
  • self-ventilated Disc Brakes
  • tires type 255/60R19.5 on steel wheel rim 12+1
  • pneumatic braking system with EBS and anti-tilting device.


  • drum brakes with 245/70R17.5 tyres
  • hydraulic winch
  • loading platform spreaders
  • side lowered pockets
  • twist lock
  • steel ramps for climbing on fifth wheel level
  • ramps to max height
  • foldable ramps, length 4000 mm (climbing angle 10°).download100