ARISFIRE-ATL: vehicle equipped with a module for emptying of flooded rooms and areas.
The module was designed and manufactured to be easily roll-off and installed in the back of off-road vehicles such as ARISFIRE AIB550 as alternative to AIB550 modules, thus making the vehicle suitable for use in floods.
Key features:

  • body in the cabin with aluminum locking shutters
  • 5.5 kW gasoline generator with 2 EEC sockets
  • self-priming diesel pump for dirty water on a stretcher with:
    • 4-stroke engine, gasoline-powered, electric start and pull
    • centrifugal pump up to 1500 l / min
  • submersible pump 440 l / min
  • submersible pump 680 l / min
  • reels
  • suction hose with steel spiral
  • drainage hose
  • chainsaw
  • nozzle for street cleaning
  • traffic cones.