UOC container unit

The modular construction containers named UOC, for use as living quarters are designed according to ISO standards, patented, suitable for road, train, ship and air transportation. Their high handling flexibility and reliability are the features appreciated during emergency operations. The lifting jacks are integrated in the structural frame of the containers in order to give selflifting capabilities (loading and unloading on trucks).
Different outfits for general and special applications, for military and civil purposes, for tropical, continental and artic environments are supplied. Various applications are:

  • operation center
  • radio transmission centre
  • wire transmission centre
  • drawing room
  • warehouse
  • calibration lab
  • clean room
  • aircraft control
  • airborne equipment
  • maintenance shop.

ARIS has designed and produced SHELTERS according to international standards such as UEO, NATO, ISO. The construction system for the UEO NATO shelters consists basically of light alloy sandwich panels, ISO-type corner structures and skids.
ARIS can provide any kind of internal accomodation and accessories according to the customer needs. Shelters produced by ARIS can be built in accordance with the following protection requirements: EMI/RFI, EMP, TEMPEST and ballistic.download100