ARISFIRE-AIB550 is a vehicle for fire fighting and Civil Protection needs with innovative features such as:

  • patented movable or fixed fire fighting module, with stainless steel structure and installed inside the pick up body
  • motor pump, self-priming, 70 l/min @ 40/50 bar (adjustable) with electric starting, movable from the tank
  • 500/550 l stainless steel water tank equipped with breakwater bulkheads and adjustable vent
  • one or two fire hose (50 m, ½”) with associated nozzle for full or atomized jet (18 m range)
  • one connection for UNI 25 fire hose.
  • tank supplying devices with 7 m corrugated pipe, vacuum operated with high pressure pump and filling
  • hydrant (UNI 45) and vacuum suction from UNI 45 hydrant
  • dry weight: 250 kg
  • integrated acoustic and visual signalling device made of two-tone siren, blue flashing light, 55 W 360°
  • revolving working projectors.

Optional accessories:

  • ladder
  • front winch
  • manually lockable rear differential (standard LSD self-locking).download5download5